How Snarf it Up works

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    We offer great deals everyday on services, things to buy, and events to attend.

  • Buy

    If you like the deal click the BUY button and pay for your purchase.

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    2. If the offer does not meet the minimum amount you will not be charged.
  • Get Coupon

    Once you've purchased the deal go to "My Snarf It Up" (Upper right hand corner of the screen) and click on the "My Coupon" tab. Click on the "Print" option for that particular coupon. Print and Enjoy!

    How do I get my Coupon?:
    1. Print

      Click on My Snarf It Up. Click on the My Coupons Tab and click Print.

  • Go to Merchants

    Present the printed coupon to our Snarf partner and enjoy your purchase!